15th February 2020- Newspaper Publication- Results
06th February 2020- Board Meeting Intimationf
31st January 2020- Change of Reg Office Outcome of Board Meeting
14th January 2020- Statement of Investor Compaints Q3
31st December 2019- Trading Window Closure.
24th December 2019- Loss of shares certificates intimation.
13th December 2019- Related Party Disclosure for Half year 30.09.2019.
16th November 2019- Newspaper Publication of Results.
04th November 2019- Board Meeting Intimation.
22nd October 2019- Loss of shares Intimation.
12th October 2019- Certificate from PCS- Half Year 30.09.2019 .
12th October 2019- Compliance Certificate- CS & RTA for Q2 30.09.2019.
11th October 2019- Loss of shares Intimation.
30th September 2019- Statement of Investor Complaints
30th September 2019- Trading Window Closure.
AGM 2019- Adoption of new set of Articles.
38. AGM 2019- Results of Voting and Combined Scrutinizers Report.
AGM 2019- Proceedings.
31st August 2019- AGM 2019- Newspaper Publication of Notice .
30th August 2019- AGM 2019- Book Closure, AGM Notice and Annual Report.
24th August 2019- Loss of share certificate intimation.
16th August 2019- Newspaper Publication of Q1 results.
30th June 2019- BSE Intimation for Board Meeting.
25th July 2019- Loss of Share certificates.
22nd July 2019- Certificate- Regulation 74(5).
30th June 2019- Statements of Investor Compliants.
13th July 2019- Loss of Share Certificates.
28th July 2019- Related Party Disclsoures for 31.03.2019.
28th June 2019- Trading Window Closure.
01st June 2019- Publication of Financial Results.
01st June 2019- Issue of Duplicate Shares.
30th May 2019- Annual Secretarial Compliance Report.
29th May 2019- Transfer of shares.
20th May 2019- Newspaper Clipping Board Meeting.
18th May 2019- Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates.
16th May 2019- Newspaper add issued for loss of shares.
31st March 2019- Board Meeting Intimation.
29th April 2019- Newspaper advertisement Issued.
29th April 2019- Confirmation (Not a Large Entity).
18th April 2019- Loss Of Share Certificate.
31st March 2019- Certificate from PCS under 40(9).
31st March 2019- Compliance Certificate Under Regulation 7(3).
31st March 2019- Statement of Investor Complaints.
31st March 2019- Trading Window Closure
02nd April 2019- Annual Disclosure Under SAST.
22nd March 2019- Loss of Share Certificate.
25th February 2019- Loss of Share Certificate.
30th December 2018- Board Meeting Intimation.
Appointment of Company Secretary.
30th December 2018- Statement of Investor Complaints.
AGM 2018- Submission of Proceedings .
AGM 2018 Book Closure Intimation.
30th June 2018- Board Meeting Intimation.
30th June 2018- Statement of Investor Complaints.

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